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To provide an opportunity to exercise bodies with thousands of modern exercises using  suspension trainer or Resistance Bands no matter witch level you are! 
Treat yourself, your body deserves better.

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Don't Play With Fire, Play With Suspension Trainer!


I heard of this system, seen it, now I've tried it and it is awesome.... Can take it anywhere with you! Its fantastic!

- Paul Roman

This has been a great investment. I have only had it a couple weeks but really makes a difference! 

- Mary Karlberg

Great for training! Use in days in between running while training for a marathon. It's low impact and really makes you target your muscles without too much strain. Great for beginners and experts, as it offers different levels of strength training.

- Emma Barnes

This is the best training system for people with lousy knees and lets me exercise full body and experience no pain in my knees. You can make it as easy or as challenging as you wish and is wonderfully portable. All one needs is a full wood strong door to hang it on.

- Jamie Well

I'm 64 years old and have been working out most I adult life. I currently am using the Suspension Strap in conjunction with my pull up bar and dip station. The workouts are hard and it feels like this will be a good program!

- Rick Gordon

I am always looking for fast hotel workouts, especially in locales that do not have gyms as an option. You can get an intense full-body workout that gets your heart rate up. You need almost no space and any hotel room door will do. Highly highly recommend!

- Jacob Cruz

Bought this for my daughter. Actually I don't know anything about it. 

- David Roy

I was skeptical at first, but I really get a great workout of the Suspension Training system. It's a nice way to cross-train in between runs! 

- Jessica Elsson

Great system. Easy to set up. Recommended for my son for proactive physical therapy and shoulder maintenance (He's a pitcher). Travels easily too. Must have for any athlete to mix it up some.

- Steve Clarik

Easily portable and a good quick workout!

- Robert Pope

 It is an amazingly simple and effective workout device that is perfect for someone who is interested in strength training.

- James Rios

I bought this so I could use it at home on the days I can't get to the gym. And I like it enough that I've been skipping the gym some days just to use the this perfect tool! 

- Alex Wilson

Great quality item. Not sure what took me so long to get this Suspension trainer. I no longer have time to get to the gym and this system makes working out convenient without the hassle of driving to the gym. This item is great for stretching as well. I'm very pleased with the variety of workouts this system allows.

- Alex Gorton

At 64 years old, this is the best, and I mean the best and easiest to use home gym product I have ever purchased!

- Jon Parker

I love this system! I've used it in gyms before and this is a gym worthy set at a great price!

- Ben Clark

Got this system for the family, and love it so far. Hook it up over a doorway in my house and everyone uses it! 

- Michele Williams

The Suspension Trainer is a great way to exercise your hole body. Easy to install, travels well. I highly recommend it to travelers or anyone who needs a convenient and portable workout solution.

- Julia Winston

Good product, I used it while out of town for a course and could not get to a gym. Easy to set up and well made!

- Michael Barton

Great! I have been using it for a month and have already seen changes in my fitness. I am 60+ with many injuries and shoulder surgeries. 

- Eric Gross

I have a bad shoulder and this help so much! I totally recommend it!

- Mark Tyler

Literally the most efficient workout thing you can use. Takes up no space, gives you the opportunity to do any exercise and any body part and is really fun. You can see some serious results with this thing!

- Gary Wolf

Awesome! Item as expected. Great quality. Arrived on time. My wife feels much better squatting with this! 

- Thomas Logan

It's the best tool of exercise. You could take It any place. The results are amazing. The person who invented is a genius. Thanks!

- Mark Tyler

I love this work out system. It is a fun yet challenging workout. My core has definitely gotten stronger which is paramount for the many sports I play.

- Kevin Beard

This product was exactly as described and fits and works perfectly! 

- Brian Olsen

These are great for travel or just your everyday workout. They make a great home gym as you can make an exercise easier or harder to challenge you.

- Donald Bass

Love this product! Easy to use and is portable (folds up into a bag). Love to use it at home as well as when I travel.

- Anthony Stokes

Easy to set up and use, great for mobility and stability work, or strength training using your own body weight! 

- Lary Wise

I like to go outside and use an anchor or tree, but the door anchor makes it easy to set up and use at home in case I have to.

- Patrick Nunez